"The times they are a changin"
...so let's start!

publish  ideas independently
Generating a cutting edge magazine to represent the work of selected visual media creatives in a truly independent publication by supporting open-source using state of the art multimedia tools to push the fusion of free minded analog and digital fine-art.
contemporary media realization
Improving the workflow of a commercial photo shooting beyond the age of digitalism by rethinking obsolete operations, taking advantage of new technologies to create inspiring content that is connecting clients with creators in our refreshing network of artists and strong partners through our many years of industry experience.  We are not just filling your missing link, we compose a dream team to create true authentic originals.

are a media artist collective in photo & film 

As camera, light and digital operators with years of experience established in the media industry our mission is to develop the next step in artist representation and commercial productions. Working for a better environment, self-administered and independent.

-polychrome collective 2022-